Creditor Services

Introduction to Moore Recovery

The team at Moore Recovery, based in Stoke-on-Trent comprises 2 partners and 11 experienced members of staff, and have had offices in the local area for over 30 years.  The insolvency team are skilled in dealing with the administration of insolvent estates both for companies and individuals.

Stoke on Trent Creditor Services Team

Insolvency advice and support is provided to credit managers, members of staff of any business throughout the UK and individuals or directors of limited companies who may require professional advice.  In the first instance the first port of call at Moore Recovery is the Creditor Services Team.

The Creditor Services Team are always looking to strengthen their existing relationships within the following sectors: accountants, corporate clients, local authorities, solicitors, utility companies, or individuals seeking advice with regard to the insolvency process.

How we can help you

Our aim is to help you recover debts owed to you.

Assistance can be provided in the form of general advice on debt recovery or more specifically on the creditors ‘decision process’.

Debt recovery

Working alongside established firms of solicitors, Moore Recovery Stoke-on-Trent are able to offer a comprehensive approach to credit management support, debt recovery and insolvency.

As part of this service we can offer your firm an initial health check, which is an initial review of your terms and conditions highlighting any weaknesses or areas of improvement in the area of debt recovery.


In our experience over half of debtors make payment upon receipt of a solicitor’s letter. For those debtors who do not pay, legal action can be commenced.

Each case is looked at individually and a discussion will take place to see whether or not proceedings are to be issued through the County Court or for insolvency proceedings to be issued.

If insolvency proceedings are to be issued the debtor, company or individual will be vetted by Moore Recovery to determine the likely prospects of return to creditors.

For larger debts insolvency proceedings can be cheaper than issuing a County Court claim and we find that insolvency proceedings are extremely effective in persuading companies and individuals to make  payment rather than going into liquidation or bankruptcy. 90% of insolvency proceedings are issued and withdrawn within a few days due to payment of the debt being made together with any interest and costs.

In the event that a winding up order or bankruptcy order is made the cost of those proceedings are a first charge on any asset realisations made in the winding up or bankruptcy.

Costs can be tailored to your needs and undertaken on a fixed fee basis, hourly rate or on a percentage of recovery basis. Defended cases will be dealt with on an hourly rate basis, this will be discussed with you before further work is undertaken.

Charging Orders

As an alternative to petitioning, Charging Orders may be used as a means of securing outstanding debts.

Clearly this is appropriate only when the debtor owns a property in which there is equity. Charging Orders are obtained and can be enforced through orders of the Court.

For further information please contact a  member of the Creditor Services Team.

Why work with us?

Moore Recovery are part of one of the largest accountancy and consultancy networks worldwide. Our local partners have a combined experience of over 50 years in insolvency and are able to offer a comprehensive service covering every aspect of insolvency, recovery and credit management.

The collection process can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

We can ensure that your terms and conditions maximise your ability to recover costs.

We can provide comprehensive support and advice and a Q & A service for dealing with the formalities of taking on a new customer to determine which remedies are appropriate for the customer who has difficulty paying.

Appointments as Trustee or Liquidator

On 6 April 2017 the Insolvency Rules 1986 changed the way in which insolvency appointments are made. The new rules now called The Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016, introduced the concept of decision procedures which replaced the procedure of meetings of creditors.
As a creditor you are entitled to nominate an insolvency practitioner to act on your behalf to lodge your interests in the decision procedure.

Many clients do not have the time themselves to deal with the volume of paperwork associated with the new decision procedures. Consequently, they miss out on an opportunity to question directors of insolvent companies or debtors of bankrupt estates, in order to obtain a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding the insolvency.

We can put any specific questions to the Official Receiver or the appointed Insolvency Practitioner or any technical questions you may wish to raise during the procedure.

With the backing of creditor support, Moore Recovery may seek the appointment as Trustee in Bankruptcy or Liquidator as appropriate.

We will report to you on the outcome of the decision procedure and prospects for dividend irrespective of whether or not we gain the appointment. Should Moore Recovery be successful in obtaining the appointment as Trustee or Liquidator we provide regular updates to you to enable you to follow the progress of a particular case.

Moore Recovery Creditor Services Team can assist you with any paperwork relating to insolvency matters.  This applies to all formal insolvencies including administrations, bankruptcies, individual and company voluntary arrangements and liquidations (compulsory or voluntary).


The world of insolvency is ever changing with new statutes, rules and best practice guidance being
issued on a regular basis.

The Restructuring and Insolvency team, at Moore Recovery, Stoke on Trent can provide workshops
and seminars tailored to the requirements of individual clients. The seminars can be focused on a
specific topic i.e. insolvency procedures, the different types and their meanings or can be presented
in a workshop style in which the format is less formal. These sessions can be aimed at a group or
individual’s needs. The Creditor Services Team have covered a wide range of topics for a variety of
audiences and are happy to provide this service to you or your company should you feel that you
would benefit from their expertise.

Back office facilities

It may be that your company is forever receiving paperwork in relation to insolvency matters and you
would like one of the members of our team to have a one to one session with a member of your staff
to explain how the paperwork should be completed and returned and the benefits of doing so.
We provide this facility for a number of corporate clients. It takes the hassle and headache away from
dealing with insolvency post and enables you to concentrate on your day job.

Benefits to you

Nominating a single member of your staff to liaise with Moore Recovery maximises centralised handling efficiencies within your organisation and minimises internal personnel involvement. This ensures:

  • Reduced costs resulting from liaison through single member of staff.
  • Reduced time commitment by staff through a single point of contact coupled with knowledge and familiarity of subject.
  • Certainty of your claims being registered with the Official Receiver.
  • Lodging of various voting forms during the different stages of the decision procedure.
  • A report on the prospects of a dividend.
  • Certainty of bad debt provision or recoverability: knowing whether to write the debt off, or not, assists with the control of internal costs.

In short – prevents throwing
good money after bad.

    • Ongoing ad hoc technical insolvency guidance available over the telephone or via email, free of charge.
    • In house training to staff, and legal updates, provided free of charge.

Our hourly charge out rates are extremely competitive and at present we can provide all services free of charge to you.

We recognise the need wherever possible, to make a dividend distribution.

Every bankruptcy and liquidation is reviewed carefully to ensure the level of costs incurred is commensurate with the complexity of the case.

We appreciate that some clients have insolvency related queries which demand immediate attention.

Recognising this, we are able to provide a daily helpline service to all our clients who require assistance of a general insolvency nature or on case specific issues.

Cost to you

Presently our Creditor Services Team provide all their services free of charge to you.

Once appointed in any insolvency proceedings our hourly charge out rates are extremely competitive and  we recognise the need wherever possible, to make a dividend distribution. Every bankruptcy and
liquidation is reviewed carefully to ensure the level of costs incurred is commensurate with the complexity of the case.

Moore Recovery have a proven track record of paying dividends and in some cases in which initially it appeared that there were no assets in the estate and no prospect of a dividend to creditors we have paid 100 pence in the £.